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Surfing and Carlsbad go hand in hand.  With warm temperatures all year, big swells and reliable northeastern offshore winds, our town is ready for water sports any day of the week.  Our shores are long and rarely crowded – but not without the occasional friendly swimmer, skin diver or boogie boarder.Carlsbad has four main beaches for you to choose from: Ponto, South Carlsbad, Tamarack and North Carlsbad. The city’s long stretch of coastline offers a number of popular surf breaks, each carrying its own local moniker. To hang ten like a local, you’ll want to know that campgrounds, Terramar, power plants, jetties and warm waters are all names for some of Carlsbad’s famed surf spots.

Surfing culture has existed here for as long as the town has been around. It wasn’t long before surf schools and surf shops popped up across town – many are still around to this day.  The 50s and 60s were Carlsbad’s Golden Surf Era when the city gained a name for itself as a hub for pioneers to today’s surfing culture, including Tom Morey (inventor of the boogie board), Phil Edwards, Doug Tico, Joey “Sandcrab” Buran, Randy Laine and LeRoy Grannis (prominent surf photographer).

Carlsbad is renowned for its world-class surfers and high level of competition, but don’t let that scare you.  The waves are open to everyone, and there are some outstanding instructional courses to enroll in with all equipment provided. So, what are you waiting for? Surfing is a fun, adventurous activity, and a signature experience of Carlsbad.